Keep your jewelry individually protected to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Remove them when you sleep, take a shower, swim in the sea or pool.

Do not expose the jewelry to chemicals and acid products, household chemicals or hairspray.

Do not spray them with perfume.

Do not play sports with them.

Precious and semiprecious stones are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

Sterling silver may darken for various reasons (exposure to oxygen, the pH of our skin or lack of use). You can clean it with a soft cloth or nonabrasive silver cleaner.

Gold plated jewelry, like the ones we make, have a beautiful color but are very delicate. Over time and use they can change color or rust a bit. There is a highly recommended cleaning liquid, which, if you submerge the piece about five seconds, then rinse off with water (better if distilled) and dry well, it will quickly regain its color and vibrancy. You can find this liquid in industrial jewelry and jewelry supply stores.

Over time gold plated parts, can be re-plated depending on the frequency of use. We recommend plating them every two years if used frequently. It is quite inevitable that the matte finish, based on use and touch, might disappear and become brighter. So it is advisable to return to gold plate them.