Ever since I was a little girl, my father, who was a great lover of jewelry, started me off learning about gems and metals, with pieces that he designed according to his idea of what elegance was. These were devoid of excesses and based on the successful combination of shapes and colors.

Professionally and after graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC, I have developed a multidisciplinary creative side; as a graphic designer, an art director,
a designer and a cool “hunter”.

After years of creating collections of textile jewelry as a hobby, I embarked on a new journey designing contemporary jewelry. Unique hand-made pieces prepared with the care and exclusivity of the craftsmen of yesteryear.

Jewelry with an ethereal soul and totally timeless simplicity. Jewelry that offers great beauty, being easy to wear, light, musical, and standing out with elegance, personality and originality.

My main source of inspiration lies with my fascination of Etruscan pieces as well as those of other ancient cultures. My work is in silver and in 18 and 24k gold-plated silver, bronze and brass. Matte gold always reminds me of the Etruscans.

What one creates must have a deep relationship with oneself and all my pieces
do just that.